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Producers and Music Engineers, Guess what FL Studio 20.7.3 Released [See Details]

    Producers and Music Engineers, Guess what FL Studio 20.7.3 Released [See Details]

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    Producers and Music Engineers, Guess what FL Studio 20.7.3 Released

    If you found yourself here, then you must have needed to hear the good news and all there is and you are familiar with FL Studio as they announce an update and availability of a new version.

    FL STUDIO 20.7.3 Released

    FL Studio 20.7.3

    FL STUDIO 20.7.3 | Maintenance update.  In the third maintenance update for FL Studio 20.7 we’re happy to release more workflow improvements for your favorite DAW, described below. All because we love your Lifetime Free Updates. 

    DOWNLOAD FL Studio 20.7 here OR BUY FL Studio 20.7 here 

    (customers please reapply your license to unlock this release)

    FL Studio 20.7.3

    Key Features

    • Playlist– Includes several workflow enhancements:
      • Make unique Clips – The Edit > Make unique option now applies to all Clip types and all selected Clips.
      • Consolidating Playlist tracks – The Tools > Export all Playlist track groups option groups audio for Parent and all Sub-Tracks into a single WAV file, reducing the number of (potentially) unnecessary rendered tracks.
      • Audio Clip source changes – The Start Point and Trim Edits are now preserved by holding (Shift) when using the ‘Clip Menu > Select source channel‘ function.
    • Menus – All check-type (selectable) menu items now support Right-Click to check or uncheck them without closing the menu so you can preview the result.
    • Channel Rack – Indicator shows when a drag-and-drop Plugin is to be inserted between Channels.
    • Revised unlock system – Changes have been made to make it clearer how to unlock FL Studio from Trial. A new Unlock Panel shows all possible options.
    • Projects – FL Studio now shows a file-size warning when saving a project with large Edison instances.
    • Performance monitor – Moved CPU percentage column closer to the plugin name.
    • Toolbar peak meter – Now indicates potential clipping (over 0 dB)even when the audio driver doesn’t require it.
    • MIDI Scripting – Added a functions to Select a Channel exclusively, Work with Pitch Bend range & Get Channel and Mixer plugin information.
    • Command line export – Added batch export to .zip file to the command line options. Allow single file instead of a folder for MIDI export.
    • AKAI FIRE (pad colors) – Improved coloring of scales when using different root notes.
    FL Studio 20.7.3

    TIP: If you are updating from FL Studio 11 or 12, check the video tutorial here.  To review all the updates since the release of FL Studio 20, see the manual here – New Features in FL Studio 20

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