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Rema Drops New EP, ‘RAVAGE’ (Listen Now)

    Rema Drops New EP, ‘RAVAGE’ (Listen Now)

    Rema, the dynamic and multi-talented artist who took the music world by storm with his 2019 self-titled debut EP, is back with a bang in 2023. His latest offering, “RAVAGE, – The Final Chapter to Rave & Roses” is the culmination of a remarkable journey that began with his explosive debut.

    In this new release, Rema continues to demonstrate his unwavering self-assuredness and a fearless attitude that has defined his rise to stardom.

    Rema Unleashes "RAVAGE" with 5 Tracks - The Final Chapter in the Rave & Roses Universe

    In a candid interview with Apple Music, Rema shared his creative vision for “RAVAGE.” He articulated his desire to be recognized as the creator of musical “bombs,” emphasizing the importance of igniting the passion and elevating the spirits of his listeners. This project marks a significant evolution in his artistic approach, as he explores new musical horizons while staying true to his roots.

    “RAVAGE” not only concludes the Rave & Roses narrative but also marks a shift in Rema’s approach to his craft. This shift is reinforced by the powerful production collaborations with London and P.Priime, bringing a fresh and invigorating energy to his music. While love stories and romance are still present, Rema makes it abundantly clear that he is unapologetically himself, embracing the role of an antihero in his own story.

    In tracks like “DND,” Rema boldly questions societal norms, asking whether he should be good or bad, real or fake, ultimately choosing authenticity over conformity. “RAVAGE” is a testament to Rema’s artistry and his relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

    As a pivotal figure in the Afrobeats genre, He continues to draw from a deep well of inspiration. With “RAVAGE,” he solidifies his claim as the “Prince of Afrobeats,” as boldly proclaimed in the track “Smooth Criminal.” The Award wining singer also describes the project as an outburst of his inner passion, a release of emotions that he had kept within for too long, fueled not by negativity but by a burning desire to succeed.

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    The Project is a testament to Rema’s artistic growth and determination. It is a project that promises a thrilling and introspective journey, inviting listeners to connect with his inner fire. In Rema’s own words, “What people will hear on this project is a little exhale from me, only it comes with fire.”

    “RAVAGE” By Rema is available on all major streaming platforms

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