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Trappop: Tslay drops new single titled 45 [Download Mp3]

    Trappop: Tslay drops new single titled 45 [Download Mp3]

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    Tslay - 45
    Tslay - 45

    Music Sonically has been placed in a revolutionary ride for quite a while and while some art has been diverse, Tslay, Talented Recording and Performing Pop Artiste has indeed mastered his wins around his sound and again he delivers his best in brand new single titled 45

    If You Haven’t yet – Do Download 45 by Tslay.

    IPhone Users – Click Here To Listen

    Overview – In My Opinion, this is definitely all vibe, cruise and rhythm and i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

    Request – If you downloaded this song please do leave a review, air your thoughts about this song on the comment section. 
    This is to enable the Artiste to grow and correct his / her errors in due time. 

    Trivia Information 
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    Released – October 2020
    Songwriting Credit – Tslay
    Production Credit – (M&M) SoundTribe

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    Trappop: Tslay drops new single titled 45 [Download Mp3]

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