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Popular OAP, Charles Opurum Shares Experience at FLIPSIDE, A Hangout Spot in Benin [See Details]

    Popular OAP, Charles Opurum Shares Experience at FLIPSIDE, A Hangout Spot in Benin [See Details]

    Flipside Benin City
    Popular OAP, Charles Opurum Shares Experience at FLIPSIDE, A Hangout Spot in Benin

    FLIPSIDE ON THE UP,” He said, as we kick started our conversation on how he felt about Hangout Spots in Benin City. Having been notable around the happenings in the City of Benin, Popular Benin Based OAP Charles Opurum has always found fit to discover the lit and beautiful places in the social space of the City, and here, we have him telling us his experience and all we had to do is listen.

    Read through these words below as he shares his experience at Hangout Spot In Benin City.

    Benin City has a very vibrant entertainment culture, this is easily observed by a drive through the city.
    You’ll be inundated by posters and signboards informing you about the next show/party. You turn your radio on and the local radio stations are blasting promotional jingles about bubbling hangout spots in the ancient city.

    FLIPSIDE, A Hangout Spot in Benin

    One very unique place is FLIPSIDE! Located within the premises of Home & Away restaurant, the lounge is gradually making a name for itself with its signature show called THROWBACK THURSDAY.

    Hosted by popular comedian, MC Yannist and DJ Samplex, every Thursday evening you’re guaranteed to meet and mingle with the young and popular comedians, artistes, rappers, and fun-seekers singing and dancing along to your favorite oldies at FLIPSIDE.


    My first time there was on the invitation of popular ITV Benin entertainment anchor Sydney Shocker and I was blown away by the awesomeness of the atmosphere as well as the people in attendance.

    A few feet away from me was veteran entertainer Maleke, MC Casino was opposite him, and MC Edo Pikin was on the other table, a couple of minutes later Hon Madiba, Young Elder, Porkupyne and Eboh Bomb walked in to add spice to the atmosphere.

    Flipside Hangout Spots in Benin City.

    I thought this was a one-off and attended the next week, lo and behold, more entertainers were in the building alongside young men and beautiful girls all singing and dancing along while enjoying their drinks and fish. I was hooked instantly, and I’ve rarely ever missed spending a Thursday evening at Flipside.

    DJ Samplex is a maestro on the wheels, taking you to the 80s, 90s, and noughties, the way he and MC Yannist combine to get everyone singing along is a marvel to behold and something you really must experience.

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    Every Thursday is another opportunity to join in the fun at Flipside, for another THROWBACK THURSDAY!!

    You can check Flipside out on Instagram via @flipsidebenincity

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