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IP2021: The Union Of Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih – As Told By Director Ray [See More]

    IP2021: The Union Of Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih – As Told By Director Ray [See More]

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    IP2021, The Union Of Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih
    IP2021, The Union Of Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih - As Told By Director Ray

    There is a list of beautiful things in our social space that we love to see, and right here is one. The absolute pleasure of watching two lovebirds, Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih (IP2021), become one as they start a journey of endless joy, and happiness together.

    Since we have not been able to get our minds off the thoughts and memories made from the special moments of the wedding between Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih. We decided to reach out to the one who orchestrated and handled every piece of the event, Mr. Ray, the Director of Newbled Entertainment, and the teams involved.

    IP2021, The Union Of Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih
    IP2021 Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih
    IP2021, Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Ivih

    With Smiles on his face, he said

    Setting up the planning for Ivih and Pedro’s wedding was very easy and stress-free. Reasons have been that the Couple was these free easy-going people who understood what it takes to have an Event Planner on board.

    He also added saying, “The first key to knowing if a particular job/event is going to be problematic or stressful is the response from the client when you are pulling up ideas for them. Because some clients know not the major reason for paying an Event planner to help package and plan their Event.”

    (Laughs and Smiles, indicating that is a topic for another day, he continued and shared details on IP2021, The Couple, Ivih and Pedro. and we state below)
    IP2021 Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih
    IP2021 Predo and Ivih

    IP2021 became super successful with the help of the client. We paid a visit to the Bride’s father’s house twice, alone. And the third time, I went with my Decorator, (Dave. Unique) and showed him what my idea plan was. He understood the creativity in every detail given. Later met with the caterer (Chef Iros), we discussed the kinds and range of meals needed and the quantity. Working with these two Vendors was super amazing as all they did was listen and act to all that was said to them.

    (Side Note – Dave, Unique the Decorator was able to transform a random community to a spot of divine class, best, believe me, it was off the charts. Now back to the story shared by Director Ray)
    IP2021 Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih

    The traditional marriage between Ivie & Pedro started blissfully on the 1st day of October, where the setup kicked off with the caterer, Decorator, Canopy vendor, and Event-Manager all available with the preparations.

    Later the next day, October 2nd, 2021. The event took place in the Bride’s Family Compound. Everywhere was looking Beautiful (Paradise on earth I must say) with a whole lot of lovely decorations by Dave Unique. The Caterers (Chef Iros catering services) were on standby and ready to dish out sumptuous meals to the guests present.

    • Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih
    • Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih

    The D.J (D.J Orizu), in conjunction with the drummer, Jerry Drums and, HypeMan KenKace, of course, was giving out mad and undiluted jams that got everyone on their feet. The MC/Comedian (Wizdom247comedian) of the day gave the guests a burst of wide peals of laughter with his jokes🤣 as he, of course, carried everyone along with the order of the day.
    In addition to the music was the Benin cultural theatre called Obazuwaye Cultural troop, who delivered melodious traditional songs with their beautifully made native attire.

    After the bride price had been paid in full by the Groom and his family. (while the guests were outside anticipating the Couple of the day), The M.C began the main event/reception by calling for an opening prayer, threw recognition to the dignitaries present, and also officially welcomed the guests to the event.

    Thereafter, The Couple, looking gorgeous in their native/ Benin traditional attires, was called upon for their first appearance. The Benin cultural troops came out to give a wonderful performance in welcome of the couple.

    After this, the Couple went back inside. The M.C went further to call upon both parents of the Bride and Groom to the stage, they both expressed their Joy and still told us little about their children, and then, they went further to take pictures as one family (newest in-laws).

    This led to the second appearance of the Couple. However, this time, they entertained the guests by answering questions about how their love story started, and they went ahead to cut their beautiful and sumptuously made Cake.

    IP20201 Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih

    While all this was ongoing, the Red-Carpet Host, Vina Cassie, on the other hand, was having a few chats/ interviews with the Family, Friends, and well-wishers of the Couple.

    Mr. Pedro & Mrs. Ivih

    The bride’s friends and the friends of the Groom finally storm the stage to celebrate with the Couple, showing off their wonderful dancing skills.

    With a large grin on his face, he added describing in third person himself in the word said below

    There was this particular young man who was everywhere with his crew members, yes you guessed right! This Young Man was the event organizer (Director Ray, C.E.O of Newbled Entertainment T.V). He understood his role, and he carried it out perfectly together with his Crew Member, the Video & Photographers (Ehis), Red Carpet host (VinaCassie), Bouncers, and Military men as well (this is to show how tight security was).

    Here’s a gallery of pictures from this union.

    The Closing Prayer was said, and the guests all departed with so much joy.

    This was one hell of a good read, we enjoyed every bit of how this beautiful day went down, and we are at most excited about the beautiful future awaiting this lovely couple. From us at Critic Circle, we say we love to see it and, of course, Happy Married Life.

    You enjoyed reading this and would love us to share more exciting stories. Please leave a comment below.


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