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Celebrating one of Africas biggest NPO – Global Relations Council (See Details)

    Celebrating one of Africas biggest NPO – Global Relations Council (See Details)

    Celebrating one of Africas biggest NPO – Global Relations Council

    Global Relations Council founded by Jace Owie is now ranking as one of Africa’s biggest NPO promoting better inter-cultural relations, 
    Cultural  Exchange, Trade and business networking amongst Nations. They have organized series of dinners, meetings and events with Foreign Goverment offices to promote foreign investment opportunities and  job creation platforms in Nigeria. Their activities are designed to increase youth progress, good governance, community development, social impact and global engagements for peace and progress through citizen diplomacy and Global fluency. Global Relations Council has gained partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, prominent iconic leaders and different ministries from around the world on series of projects geard towards solving pressing global issues. Global Relations Council was celebrated by Diplomats for introducing the Young Diplomats of Nigeria/Young Diplomats Forum at the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany which now has student clubs across the country with different free employability skill training programs for unemployed youths while also gaining noble recognition, through her lauching of different international student leadership exchange programs, the German international relief project, back to school project” that offers granting scholarships to students in underserved communitites, Canada African Festival, Italian African Festival, the American African Business and Cultural Diplomacy Festival amongst others in partnership with various notable associations, foreign officials and corporate bodies.  

    NPO - Global Relations Council

    Today, notable stake holders, foreign officials, associations, personalities from across globe, members, staff and volunteers are celebrating the anniversary of one of Africas most outstanding organization making a difference for global peace and progress.

    About Global Relations Council

    Global Relations Council is an international NPO for Charity, Citizen Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, Business Networking and Community Development.

    In 2017 Global Relations Council launched her back to school project to assist children living in underserved communities through scholarships and upon the launching, the chairman of global relations council, Jace Owie and partners awarded scholarships and education support packages to 100 kids, in the same year Global Relations Council introduced the German International Relief Project with officials from the German Government to create lasting awareness on the dangers of irregular migration, in conjunction with the German International Relief Project which saw about a thousand young unemployed persons trained in the digital sphere for self wealth creation. Following the set projects, Global Relations Council produced the blood migration short film, an anti irregular migration short film in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office that enlightened potential migrants on the perilous nature of illegal migration through Libya and the Mediterranean sea.

    Global Relations Council Back to School Project is expected to touch 300 vulnerable schools and 3000 kids with the support they need to commence and complete their education.

    Global Relations Council has on its calendar the following projects –

    African European American Leadership and Exchange Program

    The Nigerian Job Centre

    African European Festival for Agro, Business and Cultural Diplomacy

    Canada African Festival for Agro, Business and Cultural Diplomacy

     American African Festival for Agro, Business and Cultural Diplomacy

    National Partnership for new Nigerians

    Council for Youth Organizing

    New Nigerian Leaders council

    Refugee council nigeria

    Opportunity agenda

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    Uyi Jace Owie who is chairman of Global Relations Council and other executives of the organization are presently working on series of projects which include the German Nigerian International Relief Project, the Mercedes benz service center for youth employability training – to be structuted at Uwelu market to increase self-wealth creation opportunities for unemployed youths, the International Refugee Relief Project,  the Berlin African inter-Nation festival, Nigeria Migrants Resource Center, Partnership for new Nigerian economy, Joint council for the welfare of unemployed Nigerias, German American automobile service training center for refugee returnees, the 3D wallpaper and automotive wrapping academy for youths without education and employment, Invest in Africa TV business project, the Primary education for all initiative, young new Nigerian leaders party for the training of young politicians towards making a difference in leadership.

    In recent years, Jace Owie and the Global Relations Council members have launched the employability certification program for Nigerian refugee returnees and potential migrants, the Africa startup project funded by foreign partners and also series of training and certification programmes in various states targeted at career and personal development.

    Global Relations Council recently appointed 16 state coordinators for her African European American Leadership and Exchange Program amongst whom are Fregene Omatosanine Jolly, Dibiamaka Kasom, Owie Osasere, Akarume Bravo Ogheneovo, Itsepha Oma, Alakasa Oluwamayowa Arnold, Owen Ogbeide Joshua and a few others, more employment  opportunities will be opened shortly.

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